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The Process

Not all pot metal/die cast can be restored to show quality. If there are pits between ribs or pits in corners where vertical and horizontal planes meet or any other place on the piece that is not accessible, there may be some imperfections.

Pot metal/die cast is full of holes like a sponge.  This can cause the clean surface to be on the verge of opening up a pit just below. As soon as the plating removal chemicals hit the surface, it can open it up causing pits to appear. The piece must be completely stripped of all plating before the process is started.

Often with pot metal/die cast, the true extent of the damage does not reveal itself until the chrome is stripped off. Much like the rust under paint, you do not see the real story until you get down to the base metal. Because of the nature of Magic Metal Finishing's process, no heat is used. No expansion to cause additional damage! Magic Metal Finishing will always try to stay within the estimated price quote even if we have to redo the repair.

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