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Here at Magic Metal Finishing we have a revolutionary new process that allows us to be able to chrome plate just about anything! Best part it's triple plated!

Magic Metal Finishing offers in-house repair for Pot Metal / Die Cast parts.
We can plate most metals, plastics, & fiberglass.  
Just about anything: 

  • Pot Metal / Die Cast
  • Plastic
  • Antique and Classic Car Plating
  • Motorcycle Plating
  • Boat and Yacht Plating
  • Antique's - Toys - Household Items Plating
  • Bumper Sections - Repair and Plating
  • Bathroom Fixture Plating
  • We Polish Aluminum - Copper - Nickel - Brass - Stainless Steel

Magic Metal Finishing can restore your pot metal/die cast as close to original as possible. If you have pitted pot metal/die cast pieces that need restoration and chrome plating, Magic Metal Finishing's process can bring those pieces back to life. Your pot metal pieces can be restored beautifully with our revolutionary process.

Call us today at 661-832-1177 and let us know what we at Magic Metal Finishing can do for you!

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